YongLi is a leading manufacture providing high quality bristles and synthetic fibre to brush makers.

YONGLI company works with its German agent ROTHLAENDER providing convenient and fast delivery to European customers without any delay.

With 40 years’ experience of strict quality control and superior service,YONGLI products are popular in Europe, USA and South America.

Our products are shortly introduced below:


With the experience of best quality bristle production, at Yongli we know how to make filament close to and even better than natural bristle.

Thanks to our technicians and advanced lab, we have innovated superior filament like Napoly, paintmate, Vercel, Polykaron pst and pht that are very popular worldwide.

We are much improved in the tapering uniform, soft filament and tips, flexibile, durability and elastic.

We have the following items,


One of the best filament mixtures in the market; its appearance of natural bristle and painting performance is better than natural bristle


Has been popular in the market for more than 10 years and still has a very big demand due to its exceptional painting performance with very soft tips and flexible fibres; difficult for others to achieve.


The unique filament in the market, tapered from top to end which require the highest level of production and quality control. It is super soft and flexible, best for lining and painting, offers very good soft-touch feeling, easy for detailed.


Better tapering and more pbt to make filament soft and flexible.

The tapered part is at least 20mm, while most competitors make only 2mm to 5mm